The Coffee Revolution notes that coffee has often fallen in and out of favor when it comes to health benefits. Sadly there are many myths around regarding the impact of coffee on health so the Coffee revolution reveals some surprising health benefits from drinking coffee.

For centuries it has been used as a stimulant to help people stay awake. Gradually new methods of brewing and drinking coffee have been introduced. Even a tea drinking nation such as Britain has experienced an explosion in coffee consumption.…..offee-week

Too much of anything is bad for you. So if you drink 7 or 8 large cups of coffee per day you will certainly experience some kind of detrimental effect over time. This is true of pretty much everything so coffee should not be demonized because of the way people consume it.

Some studies have shown that caffeine can actually help ADHD sufferers to study and focus more effectively. An individuals ability to solve mazes and similar puzzles has improved when ADHD sufferers were given varying doses of caffeine. If caffeine is used to address an underlying medical or psychological condition it should only ever be done under the direction of a trained medical professional.

A drink of coffee contains a complex mix of beneficial amino acids and antioxidants which help fight off diseases such as caner and heart disease, type 2 diabetes and abnormal heart rhythms. A recent study in Australia concluded there was a measurable benefit from moderate coffee consumption for a wide range of health problems and issues.

The Coffee Revolution reports that health benefits also include protection from or reduction in symptoms of Parkinsons Disease (McGill university health center), liver cancer and cirrhosis as well as decaffeinated coffees ability to lower liver enzyme levels (Hepatology journal). As decaffeinated coffee still provides some benefits one can conclude that it is not just the caffeine at work here, coffee offers more complex boosts to our system.

Waynne Smith from the Coffee Revolution blog says,”decaffeination processes have come a long way and if a carbon dioxide method is used most of the flavor and benefits remain without the caffeine or any harmful residues. The older swiss water method also leaves no harmful residues or chemicals but can leech a little flavor if it’s not done properly.”

Caffeine is also used in cosmetics to reduce bags under the eyes. Ground coffee also makes an eco friendly exfoliant as it is bio degradable unlike the micro beads which are starting to cause ecological problems.

The writers at Coffee revolution have also heard from gardeners who put the grounds of coffee around plants to deter slugs and other pets.

As was noted earlier even decaffeinated coffee has health benefits. Many assume that harmful chemicals and process strip the benefits from coffee and leave harmful residues but when you look at the evidence and the many ways in which coffee can be decaffeinated you do not need to worry.

Most studies were carried out on drinking black coffee or with raw caffeine. Adding milk or drinking very hot coffee can reduce the health benefits a little. Very hot drinks have been linked to various mouth and throat cancers.

A morning cup of coffee could literally be a life saver, so one shouldn’t feel guilty that it is harmful.

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