If you want to experience the feeling of cruising and drinking in the natural beauty of nature. Floating on water while on a yacht charter is an exciting way to start the fun!

Do you dream on cruising while on board of a luxury yacht? Do you cream on exploring the exquisite beauty of Asia, while embracing every wave or the sea under the sun? Neo Yachting can help as Neo Yachting stands to make people’s dreams come true with their luxury yachts for sale and luxury yacht charter.

If you want to experience the feeling of cruising and drinking in the natural beauty of nature. Floating on water is an exciting way to start the fun. You can enjoy the both worlds of going on an adventure to explore Asia and ride a yacht. But if you are having a second thought due to the known price range of yachts in the market, you always have a choice. It is either you would buy a yacht as a multi-purpose investment or get on a yacht charter.

With the help of a yacht charter, you can achieve your dreams without getting bankrupt. If you are looking for a yacht to charter and travel to Asia, Saluzi is the perfect one on the list. Coming from the shipyard of Austal since 2003, this small luxury cruise ship was enhanced to become a fabulous floating beach. Being the biggest yacht charter that is based in Asia permanently, Saluzi’s low consumption of fuel is very cost-effective.

Saluzi promises a 1650 sqm guest space with five decks that showcase landscaped terraces, a karaoke bar, a spa, a nightclub and a stunning open-air cinema. Aside from its outer beauty and amenities, Saluzi can also nail it on the water with its cruising speed that is up to 11 knots. You will enjoy the main amenities in your yacht charter if you would pick Saluzi. Saluzi is packed with great air conditioning, Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, gym equipment, anchor, and stabilizers.

Invite your family or your friends in your yacht charter adventure in Asia without worrying about the available bedrooms. Saluzi prides herself for her 16 cabins, cabin configuration with 11 double beds and 5 twin beds. In total, Saluzi can accommodate up to 32 guests overnight. You would never get bored on board as Saluzi is also packed with a lot of tenders and toys for water sports activities.

Enjoy surfing, wake boarding, water skiing, kayaking, and so much more. All these in one extraordinaire yacht charter in Asia with Saluzi. To book Saluzi for your future adventure in Asia, To book Saluzi for your future adventure in Asia, visit Neo Yachting now.

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Neo Yachting was created in 2009 by a team of passionate individuals having gained a strong experience in all the fields of Yachting.

Neo Yachting is well established in the Yachting community: our Group is an active member of E.C.P.Y. ( and Yachtfolio (MYBA). Our companies also carry a Marine Liability insurance covering our activities up to 1 MEUR per occurrence.

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