Create A Stylish and Functional Home Bar with Trendy Bartender’s 6-Piece Bar Tools EssentialsTrendy Bartender, Amazon’s favourite brand of barware recently announced the addition of a Set of 6 Bar Tools Essentials to their bar accessories range. This ideal combination of bar tools has been carefully crafted with premium cocktail making in mind. The set lets you prepare fruits, citrus, berries, herbs and other ingredients, pour efficiently, measure accurately and stir with flair.Making cocktails at home doesn’t have to be complicated, but anyone can aspire to more than dumping margarita mix in a blender. For those who caught the craft cocktail bug and want to make elegant drinks for themselves and friends (because friends will start knocking on the door), it’s time to consider their tools. As with so many pursuits, mixology is more enjoyable and successful when the proper equipment is used. Trendy Bartender has put together all the essentials for a well-appointed bar with this 6-piece set.

Constructed from commercial grade stainless steel, the 6-Piece Bar Tools Set includes a 10″ twisted cocktail stirrer/spoon, a muddler (8″ fruit and herb crusher with grooved end), a jigger (double flip measuring cup 1oz and 2oz) and pourer (liquor pour spout with built in breather), a classic Hawthorne strainer to strain your drink and a lemon/fruit zester for garnishing cocktails.

“If you want to be able to make proper drinks at home, you’ll need a few special items. Aiming to make our already highly-rated product line even better, we added this 6-piece set of high-quality bar accessories and tools so that anyone can create a stylish, functional bar in their homes.”, says the CEO of Trendy Bartender. “With the right tools, anyone can be on their way to crafting great cocktails to their exact specifications. A bar is only as good as its barware”, he added.

Satisfied client Barry McGuire can attest to the set’s functionality and convenience. “I recently purchased a set of “Bar Tool Essentials” from Trendy Bartender. At first not only did I find my purchase a welcome addition to my home bar, but quickly found them to be an essential addition. Kudo’s to Trendy Bartender they have some really great quality, and cool items for anybody’s bar.”

A must-have for any home bar, the Trendy Bartender Set of Stainless Steel Bar Tools Essentials is perfect to combine with cocktail shakers, tall glasses and pitchers. This entertaining essential is available for purchase on Amazon and the Trendy Bartender website.

Trendy Bartender offers 100% risk free, no-questions asked, 1-year free replacement or refund guarantee for their Bar Tools Essentials Set.

About Trendy Bartender

A trademark of Frost Limited, a family-owned business established in Sweden in 2011, Trendy Bartender™ provides the market with Wine, Beer and Bar accessories for home and business use. With a focus on offering design bar tools that are safe, functional and attractive, they craft every product using the best material available, guaranteeing uniqueness at an affordable price. Their products are fun, creative and functional and they all come in gift boxes. Offering top quality products and excellent customer service, Trendy Bartender is one of Amazon’s most loved brands. To find out more, visit their website.

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