Visit Hamilton and accomplish this to-do list to complete your weekend getaways. To taste the best wings in Hamilton, drop by at WingsUp! or call for some wings delivery.

If you are looking for a place to hang out in Canada, Hamilton is a must! Just an hour drive from Ontario, the city of Hamilton lies as a great weekend getaway. Whether you are a local Canadian citizen or not, you would surely enjoy your stay in Hamilton if you follow our fun quest for you. In every place to visit, there is always a list of to-do things to make sure that you’ll get the most of your stay.

So, here is a list of to-do things that will surely make you want to come back to Hamilton:

·         Eat the best wings in Hamilton

There is a wide array of foods that you can eat in Hamilton but you should not miss the best wings in Hamilton. You got to taste the best wings at WingsUp! either before, during, or after your tour in Hamilton. If you want to make sure that you will reach your entire destinations in Hamilton, you have to gas up your stomach and the best wings in Hamilton definitely won’t let you down. If you don’t have enough time to drive to WingsUp! restaurant, you can have their best wings delivered at your doorsteps day or night.

·         Pass through the Bruce Trail

Now that your stomach is full, it’s time to hit the Bruce Trail and be in awe of Hamilton’s rich nature. Running for almost 900 km along the border Niagara Escarpment, the Bruce Trail retained its 1959 atmosphere since it was created. In fact, it’s included in the must-see World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. With varied length and difficulty, there are available maps for your hiking adventure.

·         Drink in the beauty of Spencer Gorge Conservation Area

This place is the clear evidence why Hamilton was usually called as The City of Waterfalls. Their Tew’s falls which is just a few meters shorter than the Niagara Falls is the Hamilton’s tallest waterfall at 41 meters. Their falls can be best viewed during Spring time due to the humid climate in Canada.

·         Meet the wild beasts in African Lion Safari

If you want to see some wild animals without going to Africa, check out the African Lion Safari. This family-owned park includes cheetahs, giraffes, rhinos, and lions of course. With a covered area or 740 km, the park can be visited either by tour buses or by your own vehicle.

After a long and tiring weekend getaway in Hamilton, you can drive thru WingsUp! and relax in their restaurant while you wait for your order. Check out their website for their complete menu aside from the best wings in Hamilton.


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