Award-winning pool builder and exterior design author Joseph Michael Vassallo, CBP, APSP Fellow, of Paragon Pools in Las Vegas, Nevada shares his thoughts on the Top Five pool and spa design trends for 2017.

Pool Design trends for 2017 give homeowners a variety options to meet their desires, space and budget parameters.

1.Modest Minimalism.

Keeping design elements to a minimum can be sophisticated. In a minimalist design, one of the most important aspects is to ensure there is symmetry and harmony with the home and exterior elements.

2.Old-World Influence.

There is something enchanting about capturing the charm of old-world architecture. Incorporating materials that mimic the era such as large format travertine, rugged natural stone and tumbled pavers allow one to easily obtain the look. But, for those who desire a more dramatic effect, designing architectural elements into the project will augment the old-world ambiance.

3.Shades of Blue.

Often, I hear clients exclaim, “I want a blue pool!”  What they are referring to is their desire for the water to reflect a blue hue, much like the oceans, lakes and rivers around the world.  Thanks to a variety of options with ceramic and glass tiles and interior finishes one can achieve an unlimited array of blue tones. Factor in the dynamics of the sun’s effect on water and a pool can take on a multitude of shades of blue throughout the day.

4.Light the Night.

Fire continues to be a trend setter for pool and spa design.  But, colored LED lights have joined the picture.  Combine these two-elements to enhance the visual effect for night swimming and evening entertaining.

5.Take a Seat and Relax.

Consider where you and your guests are going to sit/lounge in or by the pool.  Create inviting sitting areas with wetdecks, submerged benches, pony walls and raised walls for added seating space.

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