Fancy a luxury holiday to Malta? You’re not alone. In the last few years, Malta has experienced a boom in its tourism industry as this picturesque island continues to earn its place among the favorite destinations of the world’s jet set.

Aside from its beautiful year-round climate, Malta is framed by clear and balmy Mediterranean water and boasts a rich culture, delectable food, and undeniably gorgeous architecture.

Now, there are several ways for you to enjoy Malta. You can rough it in the wild with a camping holiday, or you can stay at one of the many quaint farmhouses, villas and boutique hotels, or better yet, you can go all out to enjoy a luxury holiday with all the trimmings.

If you fit into the latter category, then you’ll definitely love our following guide on how to enjoy a luxury trip to Malta. Read on for more.


  1. Valletta:

First, you’ve got Malta’s capital Valletta, whose streets are filled with life, music, food and culture. Walking along and in between the small lanes across the city, you’ll notice that the buildings are unlike anything you’ve ever come across.

Not only are they lined with fragrant honeysuckle and other flowers, but they’re mostly painted in a characteristic shade of cream that really accentuates the aristocratic elegance of the architecture.

Then you’ve got an array of charming baroque churches sprinkled throughout, which really give you a sense of the old meeting the new and shows how rooted the Maltese culture is in its heritage.

Not only that, but Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a privilege that not many cities around the world can claim to enjoy, and it’s all thanks to its absolutely stunning landscape which offers awesome views of the grand harbor as well its neighboring islands.

  1. Seaside Relaxation:

Malta is also one of the few places in Europe where you’ll find perfect sandy beaches with soft golden sand that just sinks through your toes, inspiring a sense of complete relaxation and adventure. The stunning blue water here is always clear and warm enough for a quick frolic, while divers will find the snorkeling particularly thrilling, thanks to the sheer variety of diving attractions available to explore.

  1. Bugibba:

Another part of Malta worth exploring is the quaint little town of Bugibba, which is home to numerous eateries, pubs, clubs and even a casino. Here, you can also indulge your adventurous spirit by visiting any of the diving centers available, or experience some of the many watersports on offer for some Instagram-worthy underwater moments


  1. Unique Cuisine:

A luxury trip to Malta is not complete until you’ve tasted the cuisine, which is made up of Mediterranean dishes with Sicilian influences, while you’ll also find plenty of excellent Italian, Chinese and International cuisine restaurants on offer as well.

However, as with any destination, Malta boasts its own selection of unique local delicacies made with fresh local ingredients.  Some of the most highly recommended local dishes include pastizza pastries (which taste sinfully delicious whether you buy them from a vendor on the side of the road or from a five-star restaurant), hobza sourdough bread, as well as aljotta.

Of course, there has to be a favorite and in this case, we found that the locals especially favor fenek- which is a stewed rabbit as well as timpana, which is basically a macaroni pie that consists of minced beef, egg, cheese and various seasonings.

For dessert, you can expect to enjoy traditional sweets like hazelnuts, almonds, dates, honey and light pastries.

Being in the Mediterranean, it only makes sense that the Maltese would opt to make their own wine. Some of the most popular vineyards to look out for when you’re dining include Delicata and Marsovin.

Plus, Malta imports a wide variety of different spirits, liquors and beers from all over the world, so you definitely won’t miss out on anything while you’re enjoying yourself on a night out here.

Some of the most notable eateries include Venus in St Paul’s Bay, the Fork and Cork in Mdina and Rubino in Valletta to name but a few.


  1. Ancient Monoliths

As previously mentioned, Malta has a rich history that dates back millennia, where some of its most well-preserved architecture predates other famous ancient monoliths like Stonehenge.

For example, you have the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples which date back to Neolithic times and offer visitors the most spectacular views of the sunrise or sunset thanks to their strategic location in the island.

  1. Architecture:

As you make your way through Malta, be sure to check out some of the island’s 359 Catholic churches, most of which are so beautifully designed that they’ve been known to bring tears to an aesthete’s eyes. We’d be remiss to not make special mention of Mosta Dome, which is known for its massive scale, St Paul’s reserved Baroque structure, and St John’s Co Cathedral’s opulent interior as must-sees.


  1. Water Sports

Malta is also renowned for its water sports, of which diving is a major part. In fact, the island has some of the top diving schools in the world, some of which can be accessed right from your hotel room via exclusive concierge services that offer day-long tours to full-on courses carried out by some of the world’s best diving instructors.

  1. Blue Grotto:

No trip to Malta is complete without a visit to the famous Blue Grotto cave, whose illuminated blue water makes for a truly memorable experience.

  1. Festas:

Maltese Festas are a thing of legend and it’s not hard to see why. These five day celebrations are an ideal way for you to experience true Maltese culture.

They’re characterized by the lighting of fairy lights and fireworks, authentic brass bands and an abundance of delicious cuisine that includes many local delicacies that tourists wouldn’t get to taste otherwise.


  1. Top Hotels:

There is no shortage of 5 star hotels in Malta to meet the discerning needs of even the most demanding luxury traveller. The following are a few of our favorite recommendations:

  • The Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa
  • The Palace in Sliema
  • Hotel Xara Palace in Mdina
  • The Hilton in St Julians
  • Intercontinental Malta in St Julians
  1. Gozo & Mdina:

While Gozo is not exactly situated in Malta, it’s only a short hop and a skip away and definitely worth the short trip as it’s known as Malta’s twin island. If Malta is where you go for adventure and fun, Gozo is where you go to rest.

The stunning city of Mdina boasts an idyllic setting with elegant, sand-colored buildings that give off an almost nostalgic ambiance, and thanks to steamy Arabic and Italian influences, the romantic city of Mdina is considered to be the perfect getaway for couples.

Plus, it’s probably the only place in the world where cars are practically banned from driving during the day, which means that visitors are free to fully enjoy the quiet narrow streets on foot while snapping pics for the ‘gram.

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