Staying in the Caribbean is not just all about loitering under the sun while taking a dip in its pristine blue waters. There is more to the vacation getaway than what you think it is. The islands comprising it are all rich in its heritage and culture, where the way of living in Antigua is no exemption to that.

They say that it is hard to see the identity of a particular country especially if you are an outsider. Here, we are going to step into the world of the way of living in Antigua to be more acquainted with this paradise that claims to have “365 beaches for each day of the year”.

* Religion
Local natives are not concentrated in a single religion but majority them are Christians that come from different branches. There are lots of churches that have been built where some even dated back hundreds of years ago. In the opening of the millennium, most of them spent their first minutes inside the place of worship. When Christmas comes, the way of living in Antigua is flocking to the capital city of Saint John where it transforms into a jampacked lively market.

* Rasta
The way of living in Antigua, especially in the southern coast, are still in the conventional manner. It is where you can see a lot of people around who have their hair on their heads, usually on heavy curls and hidden under large caps. They are not indigenous individuals but that is actually a decision they take at some point of their lives. It is a kind of lifestyle where they value much the land, plants and other simple things. Now, several of those folks are threatened of MTV because their kids have been greatly influenced by what they see. They have started to crave to travel to the United States where they think everybody was “cool”.

* Tourism
Naturally blessed, promoting their place as a vacation getaway has already been the way of living in Antigua. It had attracted foreign investors and was able to provide several decent jobs to the local natives. It has also generated large income to the government especially when there is a big occasion such as the Carnival and Sailing Week. It is very safe for tourists that even when you get lost in an unusual ghetto, it is not very dangerous.

* Cricket
This is known as the national sport of the island. If United States loves basketball and Great Britain is for football, then cricket is the way of living in Antigua. It is the only sport that they can boast to have some international significance. They are take much pride of their athletes and even spectators flock unto the low- profile ones.

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