Brilliant beaches, unyielding sunshine, untamed nightlife, and excellent food, Ibiza Spain is nothing like many other impressive resorts.  Ibiza Spain is in fact an existing, living city with an appealing old district, raided each summer by a cosmopolitan vigor of pleasure-seeking sun seekers.  Locally, the setting is callous, parched, and rocky, however, the beachside, bars, discos, and clubs, makes sure that the city in no way stops its vivacity.

Ibiza Spain also known as the “white island” because of its predominant white houses, belongs to the Balearic Islands.  This international island, its setting, the type of weather, the leisure offered, and its eye-catching natural surrounding draws numerous travelers year round. Its great popularity began with hippies during the sixties making the city famous globally, although today there are just a few hippies community left on the island, the impact they made has remained.

Nevertheless, tourists flock the island for its stunning beaches and picturesque landscapes, plus the clubbing society that has made the place a very popular destination among younger travelers.  Forty large clubs as well as a huge number of trendy bars can be found all throughout the island, making sure that when the sun goes down, “sun soaked” visitors get to enjoy and party the night away.

Santa Eularia is the only river on Ibiza Spain, and the northern portion of the island called Els Amunts facets small woodlands, lush grounds with almond and olive coppices.  The shores facades charming coves and spectacular cliffs, as well as awesome sandy beaches with all mod cons for tourists such as the Sant Vicnec, Portinatx, and Port de Sant Miguel beaches, that all add up to a wonderful vacation destination.

Ibiza Spain is also very well linked to the Spanish center, with available flights from Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, as well as ferries coming from Alicante, Barcelona, and Valencia.  Getting around the city is best through a rental car. The capital of Ibiza is nestled at the foot of a hill, and going a little higher up takes one to what the locals call as “Dalt Vila”, which is best popular for its shops and bars with a relaxed atmosphere.

Ibiza Spain is a wonderful and thrilling destination, apart from the laid back ambiance, stunning beaches, and rich nightlife; one can take pleasure in the place’s freedom, as the locals say “Ibiza is where everybody do as they please, where they please, and what they please”.

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