The enchanting island of Capri had mesmerized many visitors coming from the four corners of the world. You can’t blame it, because even hundreds of years past the beauty of the island of Capri had seduced foreign invaders.

The island of Capri is part of the province of Naples and the Campania region. It lies charmingly in the Bay of Naples together with the other amazing islands of Procida and Ischia. Geographical accounts of the island had it that it was once part of the main Italian peninsula, which was validated, with the help of environmental studies and fossils found in the area. The famous Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus or Augustus for short, once live in the island of Capri. The island was written in the some famous literary work of Virgil. It is also the refuge of some famous European illustrious people.

The island of Capri can be reached, if the visitors are coming from the city of Naples, on board a ferry or hydrofoil from the ports of Mergellina and Molo Bevello. The famous landmarks include the Marina Piccola or the “small harbor” and the Grotta Azzura or the “Blue Grotto”. The winding walk of the popular Belvedere Tragara offers a vantage point of view of the environs of the island and at the same time serves as a sentinel to the whole island.

There are many exciting places to visit in the island of Capri. The famous Villa San Michele is nestled on top of the mountain of the island overlooking the nearby vicinity, thus providing a great view of the horizon. Timeless and priceless art pieces of Egyptian origin are showcased inside the villa.

The Blue Grotto is another exciting destination to visit. For those who love to enjoy the waters of the island, the Blue Grotto can provide just that. The grotto is actually a cavernous structure with a pool like basin. The sun rays that passes through one of the holes provides a radiating blue color, thus it earned its name. During the olden times, the Roman emperors who stayed in the island turned this place as their personal jacuzzi.

Under the rulership of Tiberius, circa AD 27-AD37, in the island of Capri, Villa Jovis was built probably in honor to the Roman God Jupiter. The great palace spread in an expanse of almost 2 acres, nestled on top of Capri’s’ second highest mountain, Monte Tiberio. The edifice is a constant reminder and a perfect symbol of the Romans’ advancement in the field of science and the art.

The island of Capri continues to fascinate its countless visitors who troop to the island all year round. Even the locals have frequented the place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. So when you are in Naples, always put the trip to Capri on the top list.

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