Perhaps, the most – often, renovated room, in most houses, is the kitchen. Different individuals have different tastes, priorities, and needs, and thus, seek kitchens, which, they believe, serve their best interests and needs. Sometimes, it’s about the layout, while others have specific perceived requirements, regarding space and size. Others, still, focus on the cabinets, while many care, mostly, about the appliances, including the refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven/ stove. Still others demand their cooking appliances, be operated on gas, rather than electric. Renovations, to meet needs, may be extensive, or somewhat, more minor, and the costs, vary considerably. This article will attempt to review, consider, and briefly discuss, 5 options, for redoing one’s kitchen.

1. Showcase/ deluxe: Some want a showcase – kitchen, with everything deluxe, and upgrades, including the fixtures, cabinets, appliances, counter – tops, etc. Obviously, this the most expensive approach. Those considering selling their houses, soon, should realize, while this might attract more potential buyers, it probably only makes sense, from a Return on Investment (ROI) perspective, when this is done, in an extremely upscale, more expensive home.

2. Personal/ needs – based: Home buyers must focus on their anticipated usage, and whether, it will be an expensive renovation, to personalize the kitchen, based on their personal and family needs, and priorities. For many people, the layout might be more than adequate, but the cabinets appear older or shabby. Sometimes, this might be addressed, by re – facing and re – finishing the existing cabinets, rather than replacing, and totally renovating! Sellers might consider this approach, if they feel, they are losing potential buyers, because of the present appearance, and/ or condition of their kitchen.

3. Upgrade/ update: What is the condition of the existing appliances, and can your needs, be met, by upgrading, and updating them? Much of this, should be based on, whether a preferred set of appliances, will adequately sit, in the existing space and location. What is the overall condition of the kitchen cabinets? If they are well – built, but need esthetic improvement, consider and evaluate re – facing!

4. Esthetics: Since everyone has their own idea of beauty, beware of the esthetics of a kitchen. If you are redoing it, for a longer – term, personal purpose, it’s one thing, but if, you are doing so, to sell the house, avoid too much personalization!

5. House – selling ready: Look at your kitchen, objectively, if you are seeking to sell the house. Is the existing kitchen, a positive, negative, or neutral? Be careful, to evaluate the costs of any renovation, if you intend to sell soon, because, often, the Return on Investment, is less than 100%.

Wise homeowners, as well as potential buyers, should recognize, how central, the kitchen is, to most individual’s enjoyment, of their home. Proceed, in an aware, prepared manner!

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