Gold is back and it’s back big time! For a while, gold has been pushed into the background being replaced by other metals like silver and platinum. But now, gold is everywhere – from shoes to bags and even clothing, but most noticeably gold is back in jewelry. For over a decade the diamond set in platinum was the staple “Will you marry me?” ring. But now we see jewelers coming up with impressive gold and white gold pieces. Even Faux gold jewelry is getting a minute in the spotlight, but we all know – nothing beats the real thing, and with the real thing comes real responsibility- it is then up to you to take care of your gold items. Below, you will find some tips on cleaning gold jewelry.

Unlike some myths, gold is a precious metal that does not tarnish. It can get dirty over the years because of exposure to biological matter like oil and sweat. Makeup, lotion, and other substances can also dull gold jewelry. Dulled and dirtied gold jewelry is not at all pleasant to look at and may even end up causing irreversible damage to your jewelry and stain your clothing or irritate your skin. That is the main reason why periodic cleaning for gold jewelry is necessary. There are commercial gold cleaners available that you can use for your gold. Just make sure that the gold cleaner is gentle and non abrasive so that it won’t damage the gold in any way. If you do not want to use commercial cleaners, there are a lot of homespun ways that you can clean your gold.

When cleaning gold yourself, you will need the following items: Soft or Kiddies toothbrush, Dish Detergent (Mild), and a soft rag or polishing cloth. What you need to do is to dilute a little bit of dish detergent into a bowl of warm water. Soak your gold jewelry in the warm water for a few minutes to soften the dirt that has attached to your jewelry over time. After soaking, you can take the soft brush and gently remove the dirt. Dry the jewelry afterward and polish gently with the rag or the polishing fabric.

Once you have cleaned your jewelry, there is one basic tip that you need to follow so that you can keep your gold shining as long as possible. It is advised to put your gold jewelry after you have sprayed on perfume. Most perfume contains either oil or alcohol. These compounds can attach themselves to your gold jewelry and make it attract dirt. Another is to wash your Gold jewelry before retiring at night and pat it dry. This way you will stop any reaction or corrosion from happening due to body sweat thereby preventing damage to your gold jewelry.

If you find that you do not have the time to clean your gold jewelry, you can make professionals do the job for you. However, it is important that you find a good jeweler. Look for a jeweler that has been around for a long time, or one that comes highly recommended.

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