Greece is more than just being the cradle of civilization.  Its getaways are unprecedented:  pristine, white sand beaches, under the Greek sun.  Apart from the sizzling summer heat (Greece is mostly dry and really hot in this season), summer in Greece is not complete without the must-see festivals that are both religious and modern in nature.  Summer in Greece will definitely keep you busy and enjoying with almost a hundred festivals and activities spread all throughout the season.  Greece has quite a lively religious culture, which is mostly the center of their festivities.  The festivities may not fall on the same dates every year so it’s advised to check with the locals before going to the area.

June spells the first month of the season of summer in Greece with tourists and locals alike flocking to festivals on every island and in the city of Athens.  These are among the biggest festivities of summer in Greece for June.  Mesmerize yourself with a 10-day spectacle of Flower Show from June 1-10.  Horses race on and drink wine till you drop in the Festival of the Holy Trinity in Lesvos, on June 2.  The feast day of Agia Triada also falls on the same date.  The Greeks usually celebrate feast days with parades and lots of Greek food.

Go back to ancient Greece as you enter their museums for free on June 5th in which Greeks celebrate their International Environment day.  Flowers and cherry blossoms bloom on June 15th for the Emborio in Kozani.  Also on June 15th, locals celebrate the Festival of local customs (if you have no idea what this is, the festival can provide with you some learning).  June 23 is an exhilarating day at the Aliki Beach where the reenactment of jumping over bonfires made from the May Day wreaths (an ancient custom) takes place.  Remember the twelve holy apostles on their feast day on the last day of June.

Summer in Greece means festivals, and more festivals extending even until the early part of autumn (the first week of September).  From July until August, feast of the forest and local traditions are being celebrated in Karpensis, as well as the Herod Atticus Festival (a theater festival) at the Odeon at the Acropolis.  Join the major cultural festival in the biggest island of Greece – Crete, particularly in the locality of Sitia on July to August 15.  As mentioned, there are about a hundred festivals all throughout the summer in Greece so you might as well check with your local guide on which destinations to prioritize.

Be one with the Greeks in commemorating the Olympus festival sometime in August.  Other festivals in August include the Prose and Art Festival, the Sultan Raisin Festival, National Folklore Festival, Driros Festival, Nighttime Fish Festival, and so much more.

The Greeks are festival-loving people.  And they celebrate their festivities in honor of their patron saints.  Other special features of summer in Greece are the world-class beaches that cool you down after the heat of the festivals.

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