Do you know that Switzerland used to have a law prohibiting anyone from slamming a car door? Do you know that every citizen of Switzerland should have a bomb shelter, or at least an access to one?

There are a lot of fun facts about Switzerland that most of us don’t know about. Generally, we only think of the very common things associated with Switzerland, such as, Swiss chocolates, the Swiss Alps, Swiss knives, and Swiss watches. Well, who could blame us? They all come with the same obvious prefix.

What better way to get acquainted with it than through the numerous fun facts about Switzerland. Who would have known that it is a country of tenants? Of its total population, only one-fourth possess their own homes. These homes mostly have bunkers due to the issue of nuclear wars.

Other fun facts about Switzerland include the citizens’ fetish for chocolates. It is found out that the average citizen consumes about 23 lbs annually. A typical American eats just half of that figure every year. In terms of size, Switzerland is only about a third of the State of New York. It’s population is also less than that of New York, and is about the same as that of the State of Georgia.

Knowing some fun facts about Switzerland is a nice way of taking a closer look at the country. It’s interesting to know that Switzerland is home to around 1,500 lakes, making it possible for everyone not to be more than 10 miles away from a lake.

There are a lot of fun facts about Switzerland that a lot of us never knew about. For example, how many of us figured that the World Wide Web was actually invented there? And while the computer mouse was first conceived at the Stanford University, few of us know that Logitech, a computer company in Switzerland, was the one who improved and introduced the computer mouse into the market. Comic strips trace its roots as far back as 1833 in Switzerland.

What more could be said about the Swiss watches? The famous Rolex watches were the first water-resistant watches. It does not come as a surprise why Swiss watch companies are associated with precise and high-quality watches.

The fun facts about Switzerland feed us with valuable yet interesting things about the country. And most importantly, these are the things that only a few people know about. Us included.

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