Seattle, Washington is more than rain and coffee. Aside from the fact that it is the most literate city in the country, the place also boasts of numerous tourists-worthy sights that are famous all over the world.

The Space Needle is undeniably Seattle, Washington’s top tourist sight. This was built in the same year of the World’s Fair ion 1962, which has, over the years, become Seattle, Washington’s symbol. This popular structure is known the world over for providing visitors a 360 degree view of the city.

Pike Place is another favorite place of interest. This is where you will probably see the most seafood varieties. This is a great place of entertainment but is not highly recommended for those who intend to shop for seafood because of its high prices.

The Pioneer Square is home to over 20 blocks of fantastic Victorian structures, 30 art galleries, 200 or so quaint shops, and is the hub of Seattle, Washington’s nightlife. Restaurants and cozy coffee shops beautifully line the streets. A visit to Seattle would not be complete without stopping by the Pioneer Square.

The sights that are all equally worthy of a visit are endless, it will make your head spin. Each one is as remarkable as the other. So if you’re there for a limited time, you have to know what your best options are. However, most of those who did not have the chance of seeing all that there is to see in Seattle, Washington, always come back for another visit. Some, even those who were reluctant to brave the rain, even end up living in Seattle, Washington.

There are ways on how to maximize your travel and avoid any untoward incidents. One traffic rule that most locals would tell you is to avoid driving through I-5, Seattle, Washington’s sole main highway. It is said to be terrible all the time, especially during rush hours. Try alternative routes to avoid getting stuck.

Regardless of where you are, walking alone at night is never safe. Seattle, Washington is not an exception. It may not have an outstanding crime rate, but every tree always has its share of bad apples. Tourists should be cautious especially if they want to go out at night. It pays to trust your instincts and fear can sometimes save us from getting into trouble.

Seattle, Washington is on the list of the most livable cities in the United States. No wonder more and more people are packing up their bags and heading right for the Emerald City, unmindful of the fact that the sun does not frequent the place. But with all the things that you can find in Seattle, Washington, you won’t have time time to miss the sun.

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