Hungary, a land of thermal baths and goulash, is a country that’s full of surprises. With its rich history and vibrant culture, Hungary offers travelers an immersive experience that’s both authentic and exciting. So, for the adventurous traveler seeking a trip that’s off the beaten path, here are some specific tips on how to explore Hungary like a true local.

  1. Take a dip in a thermal bath: Hungary is known for its thermal baths, which are heated by natural hot springs. Budapest alone has over 100 thermal baths, each with its own unique features and history. To experience this local tradition, head to the famous Széchenyi Baths or the historic Gellért Baths.
  2. Explore Budapest’s ruin bars: Budapest’s ruin bars are a unique local experience that should not be missed. These bars are located in abandoned buildings and courtyards, offering a quirky and bohemian atmosphere. Szimpla Kert is one of the most famous ruin bars in Budapest, known for its eclectic decor and lively atmosphere.
  3. Visit the Hungarian countryside: To truly immerse yourself in Hungarian culture, venture outside of Budapest and explore the countryside. Visit the picturesque town of Szentendre, known for its charming streets and art galleries. Or, take a trip to the wine region of Tokaj and sample some of Hungary’s famous wines.
  4. Try traditional Hungarian cuisine: Hungarian cuisine is hearty and flavorful, with dishes like goulash, paprika chicken, and chimney cake. To experience true Hungarian cuisine, head to a local restaurant like Kiskakukk or Kispiac, both known for their authentic and delicious dishes.
  5. Attend a folk festival: Hungary has a rich folk tradition, with festivals throughout the country that showcase traditional music, dance, and crafts. One of the most famous folk festivals is the Busójárás in Mohács, where locals dress up in elaborate costumes and masks to ward off winter.

As the famous Hungarian composer, Franz Liszt, once said, “The better the improviser, the more precisely he knows what to improvise.” And in Hungary, the locals know how to improvise with their rich and diverse culture. So, pack your bags, book your tickets, and get ready for a trip that’s both authentic and adventurous. In Hungary, the possibilities are endless.

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