The Dollop with Dave Anthony & Gareth Reynolds

This is an American history podcast with a twist. Each week Dave reads his friend Gareth an outrageous story from American history, but Gareth has no idea what the topic will be about. Not only are the stories ridiculously hilarious, but the quick wit of Anthony & Reynolds as they make fun of the crazy and amazing stories will have you busting out with laughter on public transport. Oh, and pretty soon you’ll be impressing tons of people with some obscure knowledge about American history.

Minor Revelations with Drew Droege

Drew Droege starts each of his episodes with a monologue (that normally morphs into a passionate and hilarious rant), then invites his two guests to reveal something minor that they haven’t shared anywhere before. The revelations are sometimes comical, sometimes sad. They could have only occurred that morning or happened twenty years prior, but each one never fails to be interesting in it’s own way. Droege is sharp-tongued and sassy, yet extremely endearing, and is really talented at steering the conversations that follow the revelations into fascinating territory. It’s also a must-listen for anyone who has dabbled in acting or performing, with Drew and his guest’s hilarious anecdotes about the entertainment world ringing painfully true.


Think of Wilosophy but way more chill. Wil Anderson is joined each episode by a ‘Guest Charlie’ (a reference to his other podcast – TOFOP with Wil and his buddy Charlie Clausen.) The ‘Guest Charlie’ is normally a comedian friend of Wil’s, and they basically chat and riff off of each other for an hour or so, leading to lighthearted banter and some side-splitting ideas. It’s the perfect podcast to pop on on the train ride to work, and although things don’t always get as philosophical as Wilosophy, you’ll still learn a lot about human nature.

Mike Check

The premise of this podcast is admittedly stupid – two friends dedicate each episode to discussing a different Mike Myers’ movie in a ridiculous amount of depth. For example, they delve into and deeply analyse Mike’s ‘daddy issues’ and it’s influence on the Austin Powers franchise. Despite the extremely narrow subject matter, the podcast somehow not only works, but is extremely entertaining. Whether you’re a fan of Mike Myers or have never seen any of his movies, this absurdly comedic podcast is worth a listen.

T.E.A.M. Effort with Ed Kavalee

The T.E.A.M. Effort podcast brings together some of Melbourne’s funniest comedians each episode to help you improve an area of your life. Whether it’s improving your work life or your relaxation skills, the team will have the right (or very wrong) answers to help you become a better person. If you’re a fan of quality banter and weirdly specific references then this is the podcast for you. You’ll also probably end up routinely listening in for an update on Ash William’s financial situation.


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Image Credit: Patrick Breitenbach

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