Marty McFly –  Back to the Future

This guy nailed the streetwear trend before it even was one. He paired a puffer jacket with nike kicks and wasn’t afraid to layer. Switch his outfit up with some millennial minimal colours and you’ve instantly got yourself a 2017-ready outfit.


Elle Woods – Legally Blonde

Elle Woods refused to wear ugly workwear, instead adding her own personal flair, with her signature pink colour often making an appearance. Why not take a cue from her and add your personality into what you wear to work? Feeling fabulous might also make the day go a little quicker!


Eggsy – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The Kingsman are so hot right now, and as they should be. They teach us a valuable fashion lesson – you can never go wrong with a well-tailored British suit. You’ll be looking spiffy and wanting to save the world as you casually fasten your cufflinks.


Rusty Martin – Viva Las Vegas

Crop tops and leggings anyone? Ann-Margaret’s role in 1964’s Viva Las Vegas opposite Elvis Presley brought us some fashion gems – most notably how chic she made the crop top and leggings combo look. If that isn’t inspiration, then the way she wore yellow certainly is. Pop on a yellow shift dress and embrace a happy disposition.


Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark

This guy knew how to wear a fedora and not look like a brony – automatically an A+. Pair a suave brown leather jacket and a nice watch with his khaki colour palette and you’ve got yourself a great combo for a weekend casual look.


Satine – Moulin Rouge

That. Red. Dress. We recently haven’t seen a lot of colour on the streets, but red is set to make a big comeback. Satine is glitzy and glamorous in her evening wear, so on your next night out you can take some inspo with your accessories and go glitz or go home!  Her lingerie is also to die for – pick out some all black lingerie and you really can’t go wrong.


Lover of all things retro, you can find Fab in a majestic movie palace or hogging the mic at a karaoke bar. Follow her on Instagram as she paints the town red @fab_pinup.

Credit: Film Star Vintage

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